What's the significance of our logo?


  It's all about Christ being the "Center Point"

Our basis is all about the CROSS and the perfect life of Christ and His willingness to lay it down for us.   The cross signifies the death and resurrection of Jesus and the sacrifice that he willingly became so that we can have a saving and regenerating relationship with God the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The SMALL CIRCLE in the center of the cross is the perfectly centered life of Christ both on the cross and in our lives.  Christ's perfect life and his willingness to suffer and die unjustifiably uniquely qualifies Him to be our sin payment. His love and His sacrifice gives us hope for eternal life as we accept Him as our Lord & Savior.  Jesus is our "Center Point" and everything revolves Him.


The LARGER CIRCLE represents our life circle.   We place Jesus at the Center Point of our life by taking up our cross and choosing to follow Him daily.   This offers a fullness of His love that helps us to spread the gospel to those around us.

The vertical and horizontal CROSS MEMBERS of the cross are in the forms of arrows that signify directional headings.  As Christ is properly centered on the cross and in our life, our vertical relationship with God is properly lined up.  We have direct access to the throne room of heaven where God is seated on the throne and Jesus is at His right hand making intercession for us. As we maintain this vertical relationship, the horizontal cross members are pointing to all those around us that we are charged to win and disciple for Christ.  Now we can effectively reach out in the Love of God to all those that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

The Holy Spirit is represented by our FILLED IN LIFE CIRCLE as He Baptizes us in the Power of His anointing.  This Holy Spirit power drives everything in our life and in our ability to live and do the impossible.  What is impossible with man, the Holy Spirit gives the power to do.  As the Holy Spirit fills our life that is centered on Jesus, we will have the ability to live a life of love proven through godly obedience allowing us to be “Heavenly Effective through Earthly Relevance”…