Charlevoix Assembly of God changes name to “Center Point Assembly”

A NEW NAME - Center Point Assembly

In the fall of 2012, our church was renamed to "Center Point Assembly".

The church has been called Charlevoix Assembly of God since its inception in 1947.  It was re-located in 1977-78 to its current location on Hwy 66 just South of Charlevoix.  The church is celebrating its 65th anniversary and 35th year in this locale.

We are not changing our foundational beliefs nor our association with the Assembly of God denomination.  Rather, we see the name change as a way to further strengthen our belief in the necessity and relevance of Jesus Christ becoming and remaining the “center point” of our lives.

People today are being challenged more then ever in the area of authentic living and making daily choices that reflect true Christian character and proving that Christ is the leader of a person's life. Becoming and living as a Christian causes changes in our lives as the Holy Spirit enables us to become more Christ-like as we grow in our faith.

What’s the significance of a name?​

A name identifies a church and gives it its identity within the community as well as with its members.  If properly chosen, a name can bring a calling and a challenge.  That’s why care needs to be taken to reflect the calling and desire of the church.

As this church has grown through the years and undergone changes, God has given a renewed challenge and along with that a new name.  God’s Word gives examples of how He often changed the name of people as He brought them into new seasons of life.

   • In the Old Testament we see God changed Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah as God proclaimed His​ blessing on them and promised that generations of people would come from their line​.

    • Jesus changed his disciple Simon’s name to Peter, meaning “little stone” or “Rock” on which Jesus would build his Church.
    • Saul’s name was changed to Paul as Jesus transformed a zealot determined to destroy the newly forming Church to a proclaimer of Jesus as Savior of the world.  Paul went on to write a large portion of the New Testament under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


As “Charlevoix Assembly of God” is re-named to “Center Point Assembly” it brings a renewed challenge for  all to place Jesus at the “center point” of our lives and to keep Him there on a daily basis.

The church is not intended to be a place for perfect people.  Even Jesus said it’s not the healthy who need a physician but the sick.  Likewise, a church that is following the life of Christ welcomes all those who are hurting and needy to come and let the love, mercy and grace of God restore their hurts and needs.  

How do we do that?

We worship and glorify Jesus with our entire being, and then we preach a Bible-centered message encouraging all to seek God’s Word as their source of direction in life.  We believe in the inspiration of God’s Word and that all the gifts of the Spirit are alive and functional in the church today.  We believe in healing of the body, mind and soul meaning that Jesus truly is concerned about the whole man today and for all eternity.


Center Point Assembly is a member of the Assembly of God Fellowship.  We fully embrace the 16 Fundamental Truths and emphasize a full-gospel ministry environment.  We encourage all believers to seek God through power of the Holy Spirit and strive to live a life of placing and maintaining Jesus at the Center Point of our lives, personally and corporately.

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